Ursula was extremely helpful in selling my home. After following her instructions on preparing the home for sale, we received four offers on my home the first day it was on the market. Once we selected an offer, the process was frustrating, not due to any issue on Ursula's part, but rather due to the buyer's agent. Through her sound advice and persistent negotiation, we were finally able at the last minute to negotiate a deal that both parties were happy with. I would not hesitate to use her services again.

Jeanne L.

Ursula's professionalism, market-knowledge and attention to detail were great. As a first-time buyer, I was nervous and unsure about the process. It was apparent, however, that Ursula was intent on getting me into a home that met my needs (sometimes despite my desire to the contrary). She made sure we met our deadlines and made a choice that doesn't have us scrambling for money to fix things up or worrying about the next big rain. We are happy in our new home and saving for our next. We will recommend Ursula to our friends without reservation and be confident that she will make sure they too have smooth, anxiety minimizing transactions.

Emily N.

Ursula is the most helpful, experienced, and knowledgeable real estate agent I've worked with. She was very patient during my nearly six-month-long home search. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home.

Dan J.

Ursula helped me purchase a house in 1996 and to sell it in 2012. In addition, she helped with the purchase of three more houses in 2012. She knows what she is doing. Ursula was a strong advocate for my interest.

Tom B.

Extremely professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of real estate. Ursula is as very hard worker and is very thorough. I strongly recommend her.

Ken B.

Letter of Recommendation dated 11/23/2013 addressed to

Principal Broker, Sebastian Debrun:


"I am writing to praise one of your agents, Ursula Cullison.


Ursula is the best in the business. She has been my sole agent since 1994

and most recently pulled off the impossible by selling my house within the

very short deadline I gave her.


I would not use anyone else but Ursula for my real estate needs. She never

disappoints and is extremely knowledgeable if you're either a residential

client or an investor. As a matter of fact, Ursula helped get me started as an

investor and her excellent advise along the way has been invaluable.


I have complete confidence in Ursula and have recommdended her to several

of my friends throughout the years knowing anyone is in very good hands if

they have Ursula on their side - whether buying or selling.


Ursula represents your company very well. Thank you for having such an

outstanding agent on your staff!!"

Tori - buyer, seller and investor


I have known Ursula Cullison for approximately 20 years. She assisted me in purchasing the home I now live in which at the time of purchase was an investment property for me through a 1031 Exchange. Ursula was very proficient and expedited the 1031 Exchange and we completed the necessary repairs and closed the sale on time. 


Recently, in November 2015, she helped me in the sale of an investment property that I sold under contract. She prepared the contract and negotiated with the buyers for the numerous edits and changes that were needed to satisfy both the buyer and myself. 


Ursula is very dedicated to her work and she is always just a phone call or an email away from making contact. She is very prompt in returning calls, even late into the evening. I have not had this prompt of service when I have had questions with other realtors I have had contact with. 


I highly recommend her for any sale or purchase, whether for personal use or a 1031 Exchange for investment purposes. She is very knowledgeable, efficient, and expedites the process to get the job done on time. 


I really appreciate all your help. Thank you,


Chuck S.



Below are some excerpts from my clients' letters:



Kevin and Kim, both Ph.D., sellers:


I am writing to express my extreme pleasure and gratitude for services provided

to me by Ursula. She personifies all one could ask for in a real estate agent:

1) she is exceptionally knowledgeable with the regional housing market,

2) well-connected and established within the real estate community,

3) painstakingly attentive to detail,

4) prompt and courteous to her clientele, and

5) always very professional.

During the worst financial market of my lifetime, our listing on the various

listing sites was vastly superior to all other listings and set our listing apart

from the others, most of which appeared amateurish in comparison.....Finally,

her ability to deftly handle the sale of our home while we were relocated on

the east coast was without reproach....


Don and Brenda, Buyer and Seller:


 ..."We highly recommend Ursula, she really knows the business and can

demonstrate the ability to meet your real estate requirements."



Ronald, Ph. D.:


 "At age 80 I had never before sold a home, and was about
at a complete loss as to how to proceed. Ursula helped me in all
aspects...Ursula is indeed a credit to the realty profession."



Tori, Investor:


"Ursula helped me get started six years ago and continues to help me

increase my holdings. I will not buy or sell real estate without her

knowledgeable input and guidance. Her conduct and professionalism

are unparalleled -a rarity these days."



Joel, Capt. (SC) USN Retired:


"I was so impressed with the service of our agent, Ursula, what a gem.

Ursula was the BEST OF THE BEST of the many real estate agents I had

experienced. Ursula's knowledge of investment property and the 1031

process exceeded that of many investment brokers that I interviewed.

She was only a phone call away, always there with smart advice,

untiring service, and extraordinary attention to detail."



Mike, home owner and investor living in Europe:


"I whole-heartedly recommend Ursula to anyone needing the services
of a skilled and professional agent."



David and Valerie, home buyer and seller:   

"One of the most outstanding qualities about Ursula is, that she genuinely
cares, and is always available. She gained our trust and friendship by making
commitments and honoring all of them. She truly is a professional in every
sense of the word.